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7Cs Communication

We utilize sophisticated software and wide research sources to develop better targeted, more effective media plans. Whether it is regional or international media planning and buying, online media management or an exciting sponsorship opportunity you're after, 7C's Communication is dedicated to your media success. We want to see that your media plan makes every Rupees you spend work for you.

How Should You Develop Your Media Plan?

Media planning is a highly specialized field. To begin planning an effective media strategy one has to understand the three interrelated media concepts:

- Reach

- Gross Rating Points

- Frequency

Buy Your Media Effectively

Once all the important parameters have been set the team of media experts at Avant Communication gets to work. We have a well rounded knowledge of the various types of media and the ways of evaluating which is the best to use. Whether it is TV, radio, newspaper, bus shelters or even new media like the internet and the gaming industry we will help to provide you with the best possible advertising space for your business. We are as concerned about reaching your target audience as you are.

Media Post Buy Analysis

We will also help you with a media post buy analysis. This is vital in that you can assess the efficacy of your media plan and tweak it if necessary. It is an opportunity for you to evaluate just how your advertising has done in relation to your objectives and how much you have paid for it.

Through the post buy analysis you can better understand whether the advertising campaigns you are using is reaching the target audience and whether your advertising message is effective. You may well discover through this type of analysis that at the time your advert was being aired on TV or radio the audience listening or viewing was much higher or lower than you would have expected.

You can also verify that your campaign was aired at the agreed time according to the instructions provided. If there are any discrepancies the media companies can provide you with a breakdown in order that you may recover any monies that you are owed. Every ad Dollar deserves effective spending. Avant Communication is dedicated to your advertising success.

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